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Rev. Bob Recovering Nicely!

In case you haven't heard ... our Rev. Bob was suffering from a malfunctioning hip joint but received the surgery he needed and is now in active recovery! He's in physical therapy now in East Asheville and making good progress. He says he'll be back with us soon if he has to do it in a wheelchair. We're just glad he's out of that earlier pain and on the proverbial road to full recovery.


Sunday, Oct 11th - 11:00 am

It’s the day before Columbus Day, and Lee Shackleford has a talk for us he calls “How I Discovered America.” Are you curious?

Sunday, Oct 18th - 11:00 am

Katherine Farris and Elizabeth Braun bring us the first of several lessons from the teachings of shamanic teacher and healer Don Miguel Ruiz. Rooted in traditional Toltec wisdom beliefs, Ruiz proposes "four agreements" as essential steps on the path to personal freedom. Be with us on the 18th to learn more!

Sunday, Oct 18th - 1:00 pm

Cottage Meeting. We have many important decisions to make about the future of UUCCV, and we want your voice to be heard! Jessica Sears Brown has very kindly offered her house as a meeting place for food and fellowing that will foster this vital discussion. Bring something for pot-luck and head there straight from the church -- maybe even carpool?

Sunday, Oct 25th - 11:00 am

What do you know about t'ai chi ch'uan? It’s an art form, an exercise, a school of self-defense, and much more. It’s practiced daily by countless people around the world for its many health benefits. Diane Christensen joins us to give us an introduction to the philosophy and movement of t’ai chi.

Sunday, Nov 1st - 11:00 am

The triumphant return of Rev. Bob to the pulpit! He plans a talk entitled "Without the Dark there is no Light." Appropriate for the Sunday on which we set our clocks back.  

Sunday, Nov 8th - 11:00 am

Rev. Bob offers some thoughts about "Veterans Day, Remembrance Day, and our Work for Peace." Can we make it work? A potluck and discussion follow the service.