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We have child care!

childcareIt's not a full-fledged Religious Education program yet, but that's coming too! Meanwhile we have Abigail Dix and Jason Dill looking after our younger folks during our Sunday morning services. Thanks to Karen Shackleford for the brainstorm that made this possible. (And if you'd like to contribute $$$ to this ongoing effort, see Karen, Lee, or Chip!)

Feb. 21 - Eat, Discuss, Vote!

The Board and Long Range Planning Committee have been working on revising our By-Laws and our Covenant of Right Relations. After the service on February 21st, we will have a pot-luck lunch at which we’ll discuss and vote on these changes. [DOWNLOAD THE PROPOSED NEW VERSIONS HERE]

Join a Committee Wednesday evening, March 2nd!

Wednesday night, March 2nd, will mark the triumphant return of our regular “Break Bread and Brainstorm” evenings at the church!  Join us at 6:00pm with a brown-bag supper -- then at 6:30 we'll break off into committees. Please attend the meeting of any committee that interests you:

  • Congregational Growth
  • Eden Keepers
  • Finance / New Budget Priorities
  • Membership and Caring
  • Music
  • Religious Education
  • Program and Publicity
  • Social Concerns

By Request from Jan 31

Several people have asked for a couple of things after LMFW Lee Shackleford's talk January 31st. And here they are:

Covenant Group

Unitarian UniversalismGabriele Weinberger reports that our Covenant Group is off to a good start and has room for more participants! The group will meet on one Wednesday a month at the church, each time discussing a different topic for spiritual exploration. If you're interested in joining -- or in learning more about Covenant Groups -- you should write to Gabriele at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Show Some Love at Bottega

Show Some LoveHere's a way you might like to celebrate Valentine's Day! Catawba Valley Pride is hosting a fundraiser they're calling "Show Some Love." This will be Friday night, February 12th, at Botegga (262 1st Ave NW in Hickory) from 5pm-8pm. The evening will include live music, door prizes, a dessert auction, and more. The proceeds benefit the Catawba Valley Pride scholarship fund for local LGBTQ youth. Tickets are $10 at the door or online at catawbavalleypride.org.

Our Response to "Understanding Islam" ad

A full-page ad has run several times in the Hickory daily paper, and we joined the many voice in Hickory raised in protest. Read our responses here.

Helen's Surgery Moved to April

Many folks have asked how Helen's surgery went, and the answer is: it hasn't happened yet. She got rescheduled to April. So it'll be a couple of months before we have to do without our Music Director for a while. But we're going to go ahead and start sending the good vibes now.

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