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Minutes of Annual Meeting

The minutes of the Annual Meeting, held April 26th, 2015, are available for download. You'll want to read these -- you'll learn a lot about where we are and where we are going.


Sunday, May 31st - 11:00 am

Hugh McCammon is our guest speaker, so we know the service is going to be experiential and environmental. You may want to come expecting to get your hands dirty.

Sunday, June 7th - 11:00 am

"Good Grief" may not just be something Charlie Brown says -- we all grieve losses at one time or another in our lives and the process can be as positive as it is painful. Rev. Bob has some thoughts about how to navigate the inevitable.

Thursday, June 11th - 6:00 pm

The launch of the MOTHER NATURE PROJECT!  Potluck dinner followed by mixing up natural cleaners and household supplies for needy families. Donation of $20 appreciated for materials. Bring the kids -- they’ll get to stir and measure and label these packages “Made with love by___”!

Sunday, June 14th - 11:00 am

A discussion service about the Seventh of our Seven UU Principles (respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part). UU Minister Barbara ten Hove calls the first and seventh principles the "pillars of our faith," supporting the other five. Is the Seventh Principle really that important, or is it just one of the bunch?

Sunday, June 21st - 11:00 am

Lee Shackleford and Dr. Karen Dill-Shackleford challenge us to think about our culture's fathers -- and mothers -- as we see them on TV and in movies. Do the media depictions "tell it like is" -- or shape our expectations of parenting?

Friday, June 26th - 7:00 pm

By popular demand! Lee Shackleford and Dr. Karen Dill-Shackleford will present their webseries pilot, HERLOCK! It's 45 minutes long so we'll have plenty of time to talk about it afterwards. Read all about HERLOCK here.