UUs at Pride Festival



More on the gift to the congregation

Monday night the Board voted unanimously that we should accept an extraordinary gift offered by Marshall Cary from the Trust established by his late parents. If we can work out all the details with the lawyers and with JP Morgan Bank, this gift will relieve us of our mortgage, a burdensome debt that currently limits our ability to grow. In Marshall's words it will put UUCCV "in a good position for the future if the congregation and the Board take prompt steps to attract new members." Our pledges and contributions will then be able to go toward outreach programs, child care, RE teachers, social concerns, and everything else we hope and plan to do in the future. Stay tuned...

Child care and religious education

Our need for Sunday child care remains an urgent one. Please see any Board member (identifed by red ribbons on their name tags) if you can help and/or know of someone who can.

A lively Cottage Meeting

On the afternoon of October 18th, sixteen of us met at Jess Brown's house for an excellent "cottage meeting," and an account of that meeting is available as a PDF here and on our Documents page.


Sunday, Nov 29th - 11:00 am

Bruce Bush will lead a discussion service on "The Attitude of Gratitude" on November 22nd.


Glamorous church service!

Well, that's how Rita describes cleaning the church building, anyway ... and she and Susan Reese, "the Cleaning Babes," invite you to join their glittering world of floor-sweeping and trashcan-emptying on November 24th and/or December 15th starting at 5:15pm. Especially, Rita adds, right before the holidays. 

Spare some soft clothes?

The Social Concerns Committee welcomes your used soft clothing for patients in the psychiatric unit where Rita Burns-Wooten works. The needs are specific: tee shirts, sweat shirts, hoodies (with no strings), yoga pants or stretch pants, soft cloth shorts (with no strings) and sweat pants (with no strings). Often these patients come to the unit from an emergency room, so they are wearing only paper scrubs! Please put your donations in the container in the church foyer. Rita, the Committee, and of course the patients thank you for your generosity.

For children of the incarcerated at Christmas

Barbara Beier tells about a project they're doing at Exodus Ministries:
"... something like three hundred (I don’t recall the exact number) children in Catawba Valley have one or two parents incarcerated. For the project, volunteers are given the name of a child and the child’s caretaker; the volunteer then contacts the caretaker to see what the child needs or wants for Christmas. The gift should cost between $15 and $25 (so all of the kids get a similar cost gift) and is given to the child on behalf of the chile’s incarcerated parent. A picture is taken of the child with the present to be sent to the parent. The volunteer can ask the caretaker what the family needs (e.g. fixings for Christmas dinner, etc.) and buy that also...
"I like this for a couple of reasons. It fills a need, is a way for UUCCV to remain connected with Exodus Ministries, and is relatively low cost so just about anybody can participate. Reggie said that if the person does not want to deliver the gift, that Exodus Ministries people will deliver it..."

Suggestions, corrections, or outlandish praise...

... I welcome them all. Send them to self-appointed-social-media-director Lee Shackleford at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ...