UUs at Pride Festival

What's New?

Oct 26 - Catherine Seo

At the church building, 11:00 am. Guest speaker Catherine Seo brings us an inspirational message of Innate Compassion. Come and be uplifted!

Nov 1 - Hell House

Join us at 7:00pm at the church for our first documentary in the film-and-discussion series! Since last night was Halloween, we're showing Hell House, an amazing behind-the-scenes look at the Christian evangelical "horror house" staged annually by an Assemblies of God congregation in Cedar Hill, Texas -- which draws over 10,000 visitors each year!
Please note: Our films have usually been on Friday night, but we're holding this one on Saturday night in case you have plans for Halloween...!

Nov 2 - For All the Saints

At the church building, 11:00 am. Rev. Bob reminds us that while most religions tell us to avoid hero worship, we somehow hang onto saints, memories, etc. On the Sunday after All Saints Day, let's look at what "saints" and heroes of the past have to do with life in the present.

Nov 9 - Music for Veterans Day

At the church building, 11:00 am.Lay Minister for Worship Sharon Smith offers a service loaded with music -- a salute to our veterans ... and to the goal of world peace.

Nov 16 - Joan Kahn-Schneider

A very special guest speaker: Rev. Joan Kahn-Schneider, one of Rev. Bob’s mentors. She intrigues us with the title "Can These Bones Live?”

Nov 23 - Enough Already!

"Haven't We Heard Enough About Gratitude Already?" It's the Sunday before Thanksgiving. We all know the imoprtance of gratitude, but is there anything else to say?

Nov 30 - LMFW Lee Shackleford

It's been an amazing year for Lee and it isn't over yet. But he shares some things he's learned in the last eleven months -- and some of them may surprise you.