UUs at Pride Festival

What's New?

Nov 23 - Enough Already!

"Haven't We Heard Enough About Gratitude Already?" It's the Sunday before Thanksgiving. We all know the imoprtance of gratitude, but is there anything else to say?

Nov 30 - LMFW Lee Shackleford

It's been an amazing year for Lee and it isn't over yet. But he shares some things he's learned in the last eleven months -- and some of them may surprise you.

Dec 7 - The Danger of Advent for UUs

Advent and the Christmas season is a time filled with emotion, nostalgia, and both good and bad memories. Most UUs celebrate Christmas in some form, but how does it fit with our inclusive theology, and our lives?

Dec 14 - Does This Season Work?

At the church building, 11:00 am. Rev. Bob leads a congregational interaction session on the question "How does this holiday season work for you?"  Let's go a little beyond the "how I celebrate" idea and share some meanings with each other.

Dec 17 - Candlelight Service

At the church building, 7:00 pm. For many of us, this is our favorite service of the year! Music and reflection and celebration of life.

Dec 21 - Holiday Children's Service

At the church building, 11:00 am. A celebration of the season in song and story.

Dec 28 - An Atheist Christmas

At the church building, 11:00 am. LMFW Katherine Farris brings us a talk you won't hear in many other churches! "How one atheist celebrates Christmas." Make time in your busy week for this one.